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CarLoft Berlin Project in Book on Innovative Parking Concepts

by Nic Evans on Wednesday, 12.11.2014

CarLoft’s modern take on contemporary living


Parking structures have often been a consideration for later on down the property planning process. Considering the advantages and value they add to a resident's lifestyle, both underground and street level parking solutions are unjustly neglected.

But times are changing, there’s new contemporary design theories for buildings of all kinds.

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CarLoft - A Mobility Solution for Handicapped or Disabled Persons

by Nic Evans on Wednesday, 29.10.2014

CarLoft -  barrier free living and parking solution for a person with a handicap


As an innovative but highly usable living and parking solution, this lift and storage function serves as a mobility option. Offering mobility for handicapped or elderly residents even with wheeled walkers or rollators. Accessibility and safety are key factors for anyone with mobility needs. Whether you have a family member with mobility issues or are an elderly homeowner looking for a safer accessibility option, CarLoft is a reliable answer.

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Giving your passion a home - CarLoft as your hobby hub

by Nic Evans on Monday, 13.10.2014

For many avid automotive enthusiasts, their auto vehicle is more than a means of getting from A to B. Whether you’re a vintage collector or the owner of a beloved model, CarLoft can give you the security and space you and your car need.


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A day in the life of CarLoft

by Nic Evans on Thursday, 25.9.2014

CarLoft is designed to compliment and contribute to the bustling daily lives of urban families. As stylish as it is functional, this innovative system is an asset to modern livingCarLoft is about more than safe, convenient vehicle storage; it is a lifestyle addition to every home. Whether a vintage car lover, family man/woman or handicapped retiree, CarLoft ticks all your everyday boxes. 
So how does a typical CarLoft day look? How can this amazing living and parking solution integrate into your everyday life? Welcome to the wonders of CarLoft.


Make moving easy

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Your Carloft, your Lifestyle

by Nic Evans on Thursday, 28.8.2014

CarLoft is the ultimate lifestyle addition. More than a revolutionary parking solution, your CarLoft is your space in the sky. Whether you’re looking for a garden escape or bustling social spot, the CarLoggia gives you all you need to entertain and more.


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How To Solve The Biggest Problems With E-Mobility - CarLoft

by Nic Evans on Sunday, 13.7.2014

As times change and our society becomes more environmentally aware, more car owners are looking to Electric Vehicles to tick their financial and ecological boxes


These conscientious drivers face a whole host of EV-related troubles

  • How do I charge my EV?

  • How many miles do I get per charge?

  • If I live in an apartment how do I charge my EV?

  • What EVSE (Electric Vehicle Service Equipment) is best for me?

  • Do I have an adequate charging space / capacity?


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5 reasons why CarLoft is the perfect lifestyle solution

by Nic Evans on Saturday, 14.6.2014

CarLoft is more than a technological and architectural success

The CarLoft concept is a liveable lifestyle solution, created to flawlessly fit into its resident’s lives. Its array of potential uses and exciting possibilities makes it the perfect addition to a modern, family-orientated apartment.

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CarLoft in a Bunker

by James Burton on Tuesday, 20.5.2014

You have a bunker and would like to convert it into nice apartments for families. You cannot build an underground parking under a WW2 bunker, right? What if you do not have enough space around the bunker to park the cars? What if the families would love their own garden next to their apartment?


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CarLoft Features - The sum of excellence

by Nic Evans on Thursday, 15.5.2014

CarLoft is more than a parking space

Its extensive list of features secure Carloft as a pioneering company who master design and technology while still centreing around architects and resident needs. 

In-apartment parking - Carloft in a nutshell.


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What is CarLoft?

by Nic Evans on Thursday, 15.5.2014

In its simplest form, Carloft is a pioneering modular loft scheme


Descending from an exclusive apartment complex in Berlin, this concept brought together inner city living and the luxury of space, privacy and convenience. Each unit within this luxury complex possesses its own CarLoggia and Carloft capabilities - an exclusive ground to multi-level lift service that transports and stores your car on your level. In under 3 minutes you and your vehicle can be 10 floors up and a matter of feet from your front door.


How does it work?


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